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You have the power to create health and well-being in your life.

It only takes one small step to begin your journey to Whole Health.

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When you think of health, what comes to mind?
Too often we think of health as only something physical.
But our health and well-being are more than that.

Finding balance and connection between our Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community can help us truly be healthy – that is what TakeCare calls Whole Health.

TakeCare is here to help you take your first step.

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Just Breathe

When children are feeling anxious, it is often due to a loss of control or a sense of chaos in their world.
  • Mindfulness is an effective tool for kids and adults to develop resilience.
  • Studies show meditation not only reduces stress, but also improves memory.
  • Our breath is a force within each of us that can help us regain a sense of peace.

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Be Like Water

Thinking about what is important to us can keep us focused on why we want to be healthy.
  • Change begins with simply asking “Why do I want to be healthy?”
  • Mindfulness activities, like Tai-Chi, can help us heal and build resilience.
  • A single moment of reflection can change not just one life, but many lives.

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Night After Night

Good sleep comes when you stop resisting your challenges, and instead, embrace them.
  • Simple changes can help quiet our minds and improve our sleep.
  • When we sleep, our body devotes energy to repairing itself.
  • Finding calm habits throughout the day can help you sleep better at night.

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Your path to Whole Health is unique to you and why you want health and well-being. By answering three simple questions about yourself, we can then offer you three stories of everyday people with similar goals to yours that can inspire you to create your own path toward health and well-being.

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