“Our Missions Have Become Each Other.” – TakeCare Film, Be Like Water

About The Healthy US Collaborative


The Healthy US Collaborative is a nonprofit organization focused on inspiring you to actively participate in your health and healthcare.


To achieve our vision, we have assembled a team consisting of the nation’s leading healthcare experts, documentary filmmakers, and communications strategists to guide and implement the effort. For more information on the Healthy US, visit https://healthyuscollaborative.org.

About the Campaign


TakeCare is a multi-year, multi-faceted national campaign that invites people to take care of their whole health—mind, body, spirit and community. We created the TakeCare Campaign to flip the script on how you can think about your health. Through TakeCare, we want to provide those ‘aha moments’ that move people to transform their lives. Watch this short video to learn more about the TakeCare Campaign.

What is Whole Health?


Too often we think of health as simply physical health—what is right and wrong with our bodies. We believe that health is the interconnection between your mind, body, spirit and community, and there is tremendous power in harnessing each of these elements.

The TakeCare Films


This campaign inspires all of us to re-imagine health through powerful storytelling of inspiration and transformation featured in short films. The films are the core of The TakeCare Campaign and are created in partnership with The Healthy US Collaborative and Actual Films, a team made up of award-winning filmmakers and collaborators. These films exemplify how you can take care of your minds, bodies, spirits and communities—and how these elements work together to impact whole health.


From a returning soldier who finds a practice that helps him cope with PTSD to a group of senior women who form a basketball team, these moving stories show how taking care can transform lives.

Short Films

The TakeCare Film Fairs


The TakeCare Film Fairs are designed to bring communities together to learn, share and support each other in seeking and maintaining well-being in our lives. These will be high-touch events to screen the films and will provide an opportunity to participate in activities and ask questions to community experts, also known as TakeCare Chairs.

We are previewing the first series of films at community events in six pilot markets in 2019 and 2020. From Sacramento, CA to East Harlem, NY, we will be harnessing the power of community to amplify local TakeCare resources and create connections that transform lives.

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