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Drawn to the Mat

“Yoga is for everyone.” After learning yoga changes one woman’s life, she brings its transformative power to her community of working-class African Americans. Together, they realize the power of mind, body, spirit and community.
“No matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter what flaws you feel like you may have, YOU are...awesome.” – Ebony Smith, Drawn to the Mat

Film Credits

Producers & Director
  • Joe Brewster
  • Michèle Stephenson
Medical Advisor
  • M. Alejandro Chaoul, PhD


How can yoga help heal a community marked by violence and struggle? When one woman discovered the transformative power of the practice in her own life, she committed to bringing it to her friends and neighbors. What started as free group yoga sessions in the park is now a dynamic community—both kids and adults—who now find themselves ‘drawn to the mat’ to deal with trauma and pain.