Women smiling signifying sound mental and emotional health
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Nature: No App Required

Set in Washington DC, a young patient receives a “nature prescription” from her doctor as part of the ParkRx program.
"You want to change how you react to things…or what you give your energy to... Taking time in nature is the best way to do it." – Jocelyn, Nature: No App Required

Film Credits

  • Jonathan Halperin
  • Mark Mannucci
  • Elizabeth Westrate


An otherwise healthy 15-year-old girl goes to the ER with chest pain and crushing headaches. The cause? Stress. Her prescription: 60-minutes outside, no electronics, every week.


From the hammock in her backyard, she gains a new perspective, noticing things she’s never taken in before. In an ever-connected digital world, we can find peace, tranquility, health and wellbeing in the great outdoors, IRL.