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Night After Night

What would you do if you had a lifetime of insomnia? In Night After Night, one woman shares her experience of sleepless nights and her desperation to give her body a chance to recharge. Discover what finally made the difference for her, and how these approaches could help others with sleep challenges.
"It's your mind that is causing the problems, and it's your mind that can get over the problems." Jane, Night After Night

Film Credits

  • Ross Kauffman
  • Nicole Galovski


Decades of sleepless nights takes a toll. Just ask Jane, who shares her story of lifelong insomnia. When the stress of her life reaches a fever pitch, she decides to address her sleeping problems head on. And her new approaches—using natural remedies like tai chi, yoga and meditation—finally work! Now, night after night, she finally gets the sleep her mind, body and spirit need to recover and recharge.