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  • Physical surroundings
  • Emotions around your environment
  • Relationships
  • Growing
  • Connecting
  • Recharging
  • Energy & Flexibility
  • Sleep & Refresh
  • Nourishing & Fueling
  • Relaxing & Healing
  • Personal Life
  • Work Life
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There is power in taking care of your whole health – your mind, body, spirit and community. It can help you live your best and fullest life. Understanding how you are doing now in these four areas can help you figure out what you would like to focus on in the future. So, say hello to you!

Why is health important to you? What is standing in the way of focusing on your whole health? You can use this tool to reflect on these questions and assess your whole health.


Each of the following sections has information to help you think more about your whole health. As you read each part, rate where you are and where you wish to be, on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s okay if you are not at a 5 in any of the areas. It’s also okay if you do not want to be. It’s okay to be honest with yourself.

This reflection is only for you. This information is not being collected or stored; however, you will be able to print your results.

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